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Questions about wellness? We have answers. Explore the resources below to learn more about what workplace wellness can do for your business and what Interactive Health is doing to impact healthcare in America.

White Papers

Research Summary of Interactive Health Medical Claim Study

Summarized results of a multiyear, independent review of our wellness program conducted by Zoe Consulting, Inc., a nationally recognized consulting company.

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Interactive Health Medical Claim Study

Interactive Health engaged Zoe Consulting, Inc. to conduct an independent analysis of the effectiveness of the Interactive Health program.

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Guide to Incentive Design - Taking a Strategic Approach to Incentives eBook

This step-by-step guide will ramp up your wellness program participation by sharing best practices in wellness program design.

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Case Study: Crowley Holding, Inc.

Meaningful change does not come without significant challenges, and Crowley’s introduction of Live Well was no exception. Learn more in "Charting the Right Course to Wellness Success – Crowley Holdings, Inc."

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Case Study: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

Following a contentious union strike in 2012, the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) faced a myriad of challenges. To learn how COTA overcame these challenges and more to launch a successful wellness program, download this case study.

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Videos & Webinars

Client and Member Testimonial Video

See what our clients and members have to say about Interactive Health.

Client Testimonial - DePaul University

Diana Chin shares her insights about the great work done by the Interactive Health account management team.

Client Testimonial - Western Specialty Contractors

Ken Black explains how Interactive Health took the time to understand their needs and helped them "up their wellness game."

Client Testimonial - Trilogy Health Services

Trilogy Health Services' describes how Interactive Health partners with clients for a seamless program experience.

Client Testimonial - Rush System for Health

Kathryn Foulser discusses their positive experience when implementing their wellness program.

Member Testimonial – Tina W.

Tina shares her story of discovering an important health issue that put her on the path to wellness.

Member Testimonial – Shanetti J.

Shanetti discusses the value of increased health awareness and helping her family live a healthier lifestyle.

Member Testimonial – Tiffany D.

Tiffany shares her story of a critical health discovery and life-saving intervention.

2017 Interactive Health Client Conference

Enjoy this highlight video from the 2017 Interactive Health Client Conference, "Orchestrating Employee Health: Playing Every Part to Perfection".

Client Testimonial – Centegra Health System

Celine Pope of Centegra Health System discusses how online tools helped take their wellness program to the next level.

Client Testimonial – Dana Holding Corporation

Amy Acs of Dana Holding Corporation discusses program flexibility and the value of clinical approach to wellness.

Client Testimonial – Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Service Corporation

Linda Hornyak of Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Service Corporation discusses culture change and the program's impact on employee health.

Client Testimonial – Hurley Medical Center

Alisa Craig discusses how a strategic approach helped address the unique challenges of creating a culture of health among healthcare employees.

Client Testimonial – Meadville Medical Center

Greg Maras of Meadville Medical Center discusses improving employee health and the positive impact on medical costs.

Client Testimonial – Mercy Health

Matt Meyers of Mercy Health discusses how the online portal and the people of Interactive Health ensure their wellness program success.

Client Testimonial – Mercy Health

Liz Hairopoulos of Mercy Health discusses how flexibility, partnership and national coverage helped launch their wellness program.

Client Testimonial – Miami Children's Health System

Janet Lara-Vital of Miami Children’s Health System discusses increasing employee engagement and the importance of partnership.

Client Testimonial – Silgan Plastics

Doris Kemp of Silgan Plastics discusses how good engagement strategies and setting personal health goals can help control health care costs.

Client Testimonial – Viking Group

Jennifer McKeever discusses how their wellness program helped create a culture of health within their manufacturing organization.

Client Testimonial – Warren County

Tammy Whitaker of Warren County discusses creating a culture of wellness, the impact on employee health, and cost savings.

Brochures & Product Information

Interactive Health Overview

Learn more about Interactive Health and our spectrum of wellness solutions

Healthy Triumph Brochure

Learn more about our Healthy Triumph wellness program.

Healthy Advantage Brochure

Learn more about our Healthy Start wellness program.

American Hospital Association (AHA) Endorsement Brochure

Interactive Health’s workplace wellness solutions have earned the exclusive AHA endorsement.

Check out the Wellness Works Hub Blog!

Wellness Works Hub, sponsored by Interactive Health, is dedicated to bringing the leading "Wellness in the Workplace" ideas, insights and intelligence to the professionals who make wellness in the workplace work.