Interactive Health client testimonial featured in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, December 2016
(December 15, 2016)

Interactive Health client Endurance International Group is featured in the December issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine stating why they selected Interactive Health as their wellness partner:

“Privacy is a key reason Endurance International Group, a Massachusetts-based company of 3,000 that establishes web presence for small and medium-size businesses, chose to work with Interactive Health, an independent wellness company. Endurance employees can receive $600 off their annual health insurance premiums for participating in the wellness program, $750 if they have self-plus-one coverage, or $1,000 if they have family coverage. In the first year, the only requirement for the discount was to sign up and get the biometric screening; 86% of employees participated.”

The article, “How to Cash In on Your Good Health,” also explores the physical, emotional and financial benefits of workplace wellness programs. For individuals looking for a financial return on good health the article states, “look into your employer’s wellness program for the coming year. A healthy lifestyle makes you feel better and helps reduce long-term medical expenses, and participating in the program could earn you cash right now.”

It continues with the business perks for investing in health management solutions: “For employers, the benefit of wellness programs is clear: Helping employees get healthy can ultimately reduce insurance claims and boost productivity.”

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