Healthy Triumph

A powerful wellness program for organizations of all shapes and sizes

With Healthy Triumph, creating a culture of health is fun—and effective.

This comprehensive, fully integrated program is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of your organization and deliver measurable improvements in employee health. We support you every step of the way through personalized testing, immediate intervention for participants who need it most, industry-leading engagement levels (close to 70%!), and actionable aggregate reporting and data analytics.

Are you ready to take control of your company’s health?

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Hallmarks of the Program

Comprehensive Biometric Screening

Our comprehensive venipuncture testing is tailored based on each participant’s age, gender, health assessment and test results, and requires only one blood draw to identify a wide variety of important health risk factors.

Health Assessment

Our health assessment helps us gather additional data to customize testing and provide participants with relevant feedback on their health status.

Testing Flexibility

We improve program participation with flexible appointment scheduling options. Individuals who are unable to attend the worksite health evaluation are encouraged to test at a nearby lab.

Immediate Intervention

Of the individuals we test, 3-4% typically have critical health conditions requiring immediate attention. We outreach within 24-48 hours, resulting in high rates of engagement and behavior change.

Health Coaching

Through targeted telephonic coaching outreach to individuals with trending health issues, we address and provide ongoing coaching for newly discovered and trending health risks before they progress to a more advanced state.

Connecting Care

We bring together important support networks—physicians, our health coaches, and organization and community resources —empowering participants to take control of their health.

Personal Health Score and Goal

Using ActiveEngine, our proprietary data analytics engine, we make measurable health improvements possible with a Personal Health Score and an achievable Personal Health Goal.

Member Website

Participants receive a wide variety of personalized online tools and resources to keep track of their health while making improvements.

Participation-Based and Health Improvement Programs

We offer the flexibility to meet the needs of your program, whether you reward your employees for health improvements, program participation, or both.

Rewards and Incentives

We help you achieve your program goals by tracking participation and health improvements, and rewarding your employees through incentives.

Data Analytics & Reporting

We create custom employer reports to measure and track participation and health improvements. Participants receive a health report that includes their laboratory test results and a personal Health Score and Goal.

Data Management

Our data collection and management process allows us to provide you with accurate files to administer rewards and incentives. We offer the ability to share this data securely with your vendors.

Employee Communications

Create a culture of health using our engaging and multi-channel communication suite, designed to reach diverse employee populations.

Ongoing Support

A dedicated team supports the implementation and ongoing management of your wellness program. We will work with you to design a multi-year wellness strategy.

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