Targeted Assessments

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Concerned about worksite-related injuries? Have a population at risk for colon cancer or osteoporosis? We offer a variety of assessments based on your employee population. Services range from mobility assessments to bone density screenings, body fat analysis, ColoCare screening kits, and vision and derma (skin) screenings.

Targeted Assessments Include

Body Fat Analysis

We provide participants a valuable reference point of their estimated body fat percentage as they improve their health and reduce risk factors.

Bone Density Screening

We provide a safe, fast, painless way to determine risk for osteoporosis with a simple Bone Mineral Density test. This screening also evaluates if an individual’s bones are affected by the disease.

Colorectal Screening

Our ColoCARE home test kit is easily administered by participants and detects trace amounts of blood in the stool (an indicator for colon cancer).

Derma (Skin) Scan

Our simple and effective test is a great educational tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of sunscreen and encourage employees to schedule skin cancer screenings. It is not a diagnostic test for skin cancer.

Mobility Assessment

Our MoveWell program is designed to increase physical activity and functional mobility. The program includes a seminar, 5-minute individual assessment, and a simple, tailored exercise plan to prevent muscle strain and injury.

Vision Screening

We test for best visual acuity (near/farsightedness), colorblindness, depth perception and discuss the results. Participants may be encouraged to obtain a comprehensive exam.

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